Keep your pivot points in tact by transferring position and rotation data from Blender and Maya to Unreal engine!

Blender 3.6

Unreal Engine 4.27

The problem: Unreal Engine doesn't maintain your pivot points when you import static meshes.

The fix: ModTools!

  • Work with groups maintain a high level of editability and let ModTools take care of combining objects when exporting.
  • Zero out transforms when exporting and then reposition the objects inside Blender, Maya or Unreal Engine.

Bonus Tools:

  • Auto material assigning based on names inside Unreal Engine
  • Batch setting Lightmap resolutions inside Unreal Engine

Transform your creative vision into stunning, game-ready assets in no time with our powerful Blender and Maya addon! Say goodbye to tedious manual work and hello to faster, more efficient game asset creation. With advanced features like batch exporting, automatic grouping, and Unreal Engine compatibility, you can take your game development to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned game developer or just starting out, our addon is your ultimate tool for creating professional-grade game assets quickly and easily.



V 1.1 - 4/18/23

  • Create material instance in Unreal was hard coded. Now it matches the suffix of the selected textures with the matching texture parameters.
  • Add to Group offset issue.
  • When creating new groups, the parenting hierarchy was ruined. Now it is maintained.
  • Fixed combine grouped objects errors that occurred when you had certain parent relationships.
  • Removed the unnecessary "Method" option. Now it will detect if you have a group selected or individual objects.
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